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Monday, 1 September 2014

Nexus 7 Screen Replacement Eye Protection Warning

If you are considering doing any work on the Touch Screens of any iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets or computers, please ensure you wear suitable eye protection.  The tension this glass is under means that when it breaks under pressure it tends to explode upwards and outwards showering the area and the person working on it with ultra thin glass shards.  If these were to get in your eyes they would cause extensive and extremely painful damage to the eyes.

I'm glad I invested in my pair of Bolle safety glasses and I'm about to purchase some more with 2 and 3 reading glass strengths.

Bolle sunglasses and very expensive, but for some reason their safety glasses (made to the same high standard) and remarkably cheap, cheaper than some of the awful plastic wraparounds that scratch as soon as you touch them available at various gardening and DIY outlets.

Here are some links I used to purchase my own glasses.

or you can Search eBay UK For Bolle Safety Glasses

Whichever suits you best, these are just the ones I use on a daily basis.