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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Removing A Working Nexus 7 LCD From A Cracked Digitiser - Part 2

This is Part 2 of a video about Seperating Nexus 7 1st Generation Working LCD From Broken Digitiser so the LCD can be re-used with a New Touchscreen digitiser to repair the Nexus 7.  Due to the difficulties in performing this task and the fragile nature of the LCD I recommend watching Part 1 before Watching Part 2, and watching both before considering it.

Once its removed, then I begin the simple process of removing the awful glue off the LCD screen.

This is covered in the following blog entry:

How I Removed The LOCA Glue from Working Nexus 7 LCD Display In 5 Minutes


Removing A Working Nexus 7 2012 LCD From A Cracked Digitiser

This is a Must Watch Nexus 7 Fix Video showing:

How To Separate and Reclaim a Nexus 7 Working LCD From A Cracked And Broken Digitiser.

The video is in two parts, this is Part 1.

Removing A Working Nexus 7 LCD From A Cracked Digitiser - Part 1 

This video is purely for educational purposes to show how I successfully remove, the broken digitiser from the working LCD screen without destroying it.  If you undertake this task it is entirely at your on risk and your responsibility, I accept no responsibility for what you do.

This is a delicate operation to perform and the slightest error will result in the destruction of the LCD.

This is the link to Part 2

 I recommend watch both parts before this.