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Saturday, 13 September 2014

10 Things To Avoid And Do To Keep Your Android Tablet Working

The components within an Android Tablet should work flawlessly for years, but they can stop working over time and completely fail resulting in a dead device, if not used with care.  Keeping the Android device in good condition will ensure it keeps working longer, and this can be done by considering the following 10 points and acting on them.

In this blog entry I will refer to a Google Asus Nexus 7 Android Tablet, but this applies equally with any Android tablet.

1. Wear And Tear
  • If the Nexus 7 is getting heavy usage, then its important to ensure you keep it in a protected padded case.  The more protective the case, the less likely it is to suffer from failure due to wear and tear. Remember manufacturers warranties only rarely cover wear and tear.  If its not covered they are unlikley to fix it or repair it for free.  
2. Abuse And Breakage
  • If you abuse the Nexus 7 by dropping it, dropping other objects on it or accidentally spilling liquid on it (toddlers love to do this), then even if its in warranty the manufacturer is unlikely to fix it or repair it for free.  As above keep the Nexus 7 in a suitable case or bag and out of the reach of animals and small children.
3. Ambient Conditions
  • If you use the Nexus 7 in adverse weather conditions or in a hostile environments then the internal contacts between its sophisticated components will become corroded or damaged causing intermittent problems.  Users should select a case to meet their needs.
4. Dirty contacts
  • Dirty contacts because of any of the above issues, is a problem for the Nexus 7.  If the dirty contact hasn't turned into corrosion then it can be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol or similar once the Nexus 7 has been safely opened and the battery disconnected.
5. Damage Charger
  • Unfortunately power chargers are trip hazards, or magnets for small children and animals that will happily pull them apart.  The modern chargers and 'Switch Mode Power Supplies' and are very effective, but unlike old transformers they do not step down the voltage from hundreds of volts to 5v using a sealed transformer.  The operate at max voltage internally opening them is a real 'Danger of Death'.  Therefore do not tape up a cracked charger or one which has suffered water or chemical damage.  Throw it away and get a new one.
6. Damage Charger Lead
  • If the lead from the charger becomes loose or frayed then throw the charger away and get another.
7. Damage Charger Port Connector
8. Over Heating/Cooling
  • The Nexus 7 is made to operate within certain temperature constraints.  If it gets too hot then the circuitry will become electronically noisy and with begin to fail.  Do not, for example, watch long videos on the Nexus 7 with it resting on blankets of Duvet.  Likewise if it gets cold outside and is brought into a warm room give it chance to warm up and dry out before switching it on.  If it gets wet, leave it to dry in a sealed plastic tube wrapped in a dry towel and surrounded by dry rice.
9. Poor Charging Regime
  • With old Nicad Batteries you had to ensure they were fully charged and discharged completely due to an inherent memory effect problem.  This is not necessary for the Lithium Battery within the Nexus 7.  These batteries should be kept charged, charging them every few days even we not in use.  Do no allow them to fully discharge all the time as this will shorten their life considerably.  
10. Dead Battery
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Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions.