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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How I Removed The LOCA Glue from Working Nexus 7 LCD Display In 5 Minutes

For the last month or so I have destroyed over 10 cracked and shattered Google Nexus 7 touch screens in an attempt to extract the working LCD unit.  As can be seen from the picture below, the outcome was always a shattered LCD panel.

Last week using off the wall ideas and lateral thought (the only type I do) I finally cracked it.

Having safely removed an LCD Panel I set about removing the glue 'on video' and performing the test.  It worked perfectly, hope it works for you.

Removing UV Glue LOCA from Working LCD Display of a Nexus 7 In 5 Minutes

 Once you've watched the video ensure you come back to find out how I make the LOCA Removal Putty.

Below is the link to:

Removing LOCA Glue From A Nexus 7 - How I Make The LOCA Removing Putty

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Thanks fixed1t