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Saturday, 5 April 2014

I have changed my eBay account name to fixed1t

When I first joined eBay I used a nostalgic name that sprung to mind, circus_frontman.  This was from the late 70s when I created and fronted (with flute in hand) a local Whitefield, Manchester band with my sadly deceased Keyboard Player (Mike Pickford) and Nicky, Ken, Jo, Spud, and Paul, collectively called CIRCUS.  Unfortunately we were a 7 piece New Romantic / Avant Garde band as Punk arrived with a SNOT SPLASHING bang.

Anyway, the increasing fixed1t eBay trades I'm doing linked to my fixed1t websites, YouTube and these Blogs have made me decided to change my eBay name to fixed1t to keep my 100% record of 597 positive feedback points.  It's also more transparent for my users and clients.

So fixed1t I am now on eBay. as with circus_frontman I only buy and sell quality gear, and everything I sell is completely tested and evaluated by me before sale, I don't sell things I wouldn't buy myself.

So if you see fixed1t on eBay you can bid with confidence,