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Sunday, 12 July 2015

fixed1t website news 12th July 2015


I discovered a series of broken links on my fixed1t Nexus 7 webpages, I think these happened with my redesign of the fixed1t site and blogs to make them Google mobile friendly.

As you know amongst the many things I do, I rebuild and fix Asus Google 1st Generation Nexus 7's and have a loyal following on my fixed1t eBay with 100% customer positive feedback.

Here is a Picture of an opened up Nexus 7 First Generation 2012

So I've been through all of the following pages on my website:

fixed1t Nexus 7 Refurbishments

I've also added links to purchase spare and re-cycled parts here:

and also in case I don't have the parts for your Nexus 7, here, as in the classic film:

where Kris Kringle (Santa Klaus) tells Macy's customers to go to competitors stores, if they don't stock the item the child wants from Santa ( I love this film).

I added a link to:

I hope my bloggers, YouTube and Google+ Subscribers find these useful.

Thanks for the continued support.